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Video Crews with Broadcast Video Production Capabilities

Broadcast Video Crew Shooting at Super BowlVideo Crews for all of North Carolina at our local rates...that's our claim to fame and we stand behind it 100%. We provide Broadcast Video Cameras & qualified Camera Operators, Sound Engineers, etc. for your North Carolina Video Projects and Video Shoots. We have the latest in Video Equipment & ENG Gear. We are not a rental house, so please call only if you need a Video Crew. We do cater to other production companies as well as directly to companies that have in-house producers or companies that want to farm out a complete video production. We can provide any and all video production services from concept to script to final edit and delivery or we can simply provide a video crew for your production.

Currently Diiorio.net owns and operates a BetaSP Field Kit, DV Cam Field Kit and a new HD Cam Field Kit in the Greensboro, NC area. If necessary we can rent Digi Beta and other format HD Cameras for your productions.

Putting together multi-camera broadcast shoots is not a problem. Michael's experience as Technical Director in studios and on-location will give you the confidence you need to rest assured that everything will be done correctly the first time. Please call or use our contact form to check for availability on your shoot dates.

Full Production

For companies that are looking to produce a corporate video, public relations campaign, advertising campaign or just about anything else we can provide turnkey production. Allow us to meet with you to determine your production needs. Many times we can save you money by going with one of our corporate level digital packages. No matter what format we shoot on we can provide end-to-end video production starting with a broadcast signal.

Michael Diiorio has always been on both the technical and creative ends of the game and making the two meet is his specialty. We can provide as much or little production as you need. If you don't have a nailed down concept we can help you brainstorm and knock around some ideas until we find something that will work for your campaign or single video. The first step is to setup an initial consultation and get a price quote on your project.

Once we have a concept in place we can provide full script writing or we can assist you in writing a script...Your choice. We try to fit your schedule and style.

Editing is done in-house on an Avid. If a project is shot in HD or Digi Beta we have edit houses that we have a relationship with.

Diiorio.net has perfected the streamlining of the production process. Please allow us to meet with you to consult on your project and give you a pricing...because we do so much of our production in house we keep our prices very low.

Diiorio.net will shoot anywhere your project takes us, but our local area is the Greensboro, Winston-Salem & High Point areas. We travel to Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill as well as Charlotte at a local rate.

If you're a producer or production company we happily go out with our equipment or yours. Again, call or email us to check our availability.

Formats Available in either ENG or EFP

Diiorio.net can do Multi-Camera Live Events switched to

All of our Video Production Packages include

Supplemental Video Production Gear