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Viral Video - Hottest New Advertising, Marketing & PR Vehicle

Advertisers & Marketers alike are using Viral Video in many ways from original content to re-purposing old videos that they have. Viral Video is streaming media that is created to bring people to your site, raise awareness about your product and improve websites. Viral Video at its heart is simply video that people want to watch and send around to each other...the shorter the better. Everyone who has an email account has received viral video and probably sent it on to others at some point. Diiorio.net's current distribution list is to over 70 viral video sites. Now you can harness the power of viral video marketing by using Diiorio.net.

What's best is that Viral video can be produced in conjunction with any video production project that you do with Diiorio.net. We can also produce a standalone viral video for you or take it to the next level with a viral video campaign.

Viral Video Campaigns

A viral video campaign takes the viral video production to the next level. We develop a schedule of viral videos to be released and develop a following for your content. Diiorio.net has taken the Public Relations Campaign Tools that you're used to using and converted them to tools that you can use in conjunction with your broadcast public relations efforts to give you what everyone is looking for: more eyeballs on your product, announcement or company. Our strategies are sophisticated & efficient. Please call to have us assess your viral video campaign needs and give you a strategy that will work for your campaign.

Our Viral Video Strategies

Diiorio.net has developed and been very successful at creating content for companies like GM, Ford, Jeep, Energizer, RidemakerZ, Nickelodeon, Build-A-Bear, Susan G. Komen Foundation and many more. Diiorio.net has developed a strategy that mixes the best of traditional public relations video campaigns with the most effective web deployment available today. Our full package of viral video campaigns encompasses both broadcast and web marketing in one complete package and supports it with strong social networking.

Our top level clients will have us produce and distribute broadcast packages to news rooms for free and unrestricted broadcast use and re-purpose that same set of videos to distribute to web journalists and lastly to the viral market. One good example of this is with the Consumer Electronics Show of Japan. We will package ten to 20 product videos to distribute to the American Domestic Market and as well to web journalists and again as micro clips to the viral market. We have been developing this viral video strategy for the past 5 years and consider ourselves a premiere viral video production company. Let us put together a strategy for your next product release or simply to juice up your site and bring in more visitors.

Viral Video & Social Networking

Social Networking is the hottest thing in viral video support and distribution. Diiorio.net's job is to harness the power of the Social Networks and put that to work for you. Currently our distribution list is a complex web of social networking sites which we use to amp up your message, image, product or website.

We can shoot video to be used as viral video during your next shoot with us. We can create a viral video campaign for you or even use some of your existing video as viral video. We can support that viral video campaign. With that said, this is not a cheap option for small companies. This is a comprehensive viral video strategy that will raise the bar on your next campaign. Our viral video clients are Fortune 100 Companies who value soft marketing.

If you're interested in exploring how to harness the power of social networking and viral video on the web contact us at Mike@Diiorio.net and use the subject line: Viral Video Info.

Viral Video Samples

Chevy & Mana Highlights Video - In this case Batanga hired us to put together a viral video campaign that would run like a television series on their site. This campaign followed the band Mana around the country to New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Antonio. This video represents a "wrap up" video for the series.

Chevy & Mana Las Vegas Viral Video - Good viral video campaigns will have product placement within them. In this case the product is the car while the main subject of the piece was the band we were following: Mana. Chevy wanted us to feature 5 cars in the 5 cities that we shot in that were marketed towards their demographic.

Behind the Scenes Viral Video - The Chicago segment represents an exciting look at the "making of a concert." We went backstage at the Rosemont Horizon to shoot video that normal fans of the band never get to see.

Street Smart Viral Video Series - Join us on a tour of NYC as we go to check out the super group Sin Bandera in concert. This video represents another 4 part television series that featured a "city tour" of each city we visited along with 4 different bands in each city. In each city we interviewed the bands we shot and people on the street during our tour to produce a fast paced fun look at the music scene and behind the scenes with the bands we were shooting.